What can we do?

Battery dead?

We carry batter jumper cables, and we can assist you with getting back on the road.  To find out more about service area and fee's contact us at 951.551.8847

What We Offer


Yes, call us old fashioned... But we still believe in taking cash in the cab, because we still believe in the good old USA. We also accept all major credit cards.

Blacks Taxi is owned & operated by 4th generation entrepreneurs, established in 2010 and quickly rose through the ranks as the under dog company because of our refusal to conform & our rugged "can do" attitude, stemming from west coast roots and a southern influence.  We are, by all definitions the little cab company that could… 

Kids 12 and over...

For whatever the reason, school, movies, mall etc.  Kids can request a taxi legally and be transported to their destination safely.  So Parents if you just don't want to drop off kids at soccer practice or the minivan just won't start… We've got you covered.

About Our Shop

Drive thru?

Yes ma'am!

Curbside pickup?
In a hurry? Hail one of us down

Hop in!

and away they go!


Help with baggage?
Let us get those bags, no charge


5 Min free!
Not everyone is ready the moment a taxi arrives, not every cab waits for free.  We do, the first 5 min is alway free upon arrival.  Because, we appreciate your business. 

Wrong direction!

drivers aren't perfect, we only charge for the intended route.. Any missed directions from driver error is deducted from ending fare.  So you never pay more fare than whats fair. 

Broken down in high traffic area?

If your vehicle is disabled, and your unable to warn approaching traffic, flag one of us down and we'll give you a safety flare at no cost! We see a lot of accidents and we do not mind paying it forward.

Change of plans?

Thats the norm for us, theres no such thing as a normal taxi ride.  Everyone has needs different from anyone else, need to stop somewhere extra and get a movie and popcorn before you call it a night? Just say the word, your the boss!